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Update your Kitchen Cabinets: What happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen!

It’s true, kitchens and Kitchen Cabinets San Diego have officially become the heartbeat of the home! It’s been an evolution of our lifestyle that’s drawn us in and made our kitchen cabinets the backdrop to some of the most amazing moments in our lives. In addition to the way the kitchen functions, we can now declare that the kitchen is the center of the decor of our homes.

It’s been just over the last 40 years that kitchens have completely transformed from being a space of pure function to the actual center of our living space. In the past, kitchens were hidden away as room used wholly for food storage and preparation. Since kitchens cabinets of the past were not so attractive, the goal became to hide them from the rest of the home. Our lifestyle in the past was different from today, because it was more common for the entire family to get together for meals and use a dining room when gathering. Come and visit our San Diego showroom to update your kitchen cabinets san diego.

Kitchen Cabinets in San Diego is a great place to check out the evolution of the kitchen design. Typically, in the older beach homes, the kitchen and the dining area were on the opposite sides. From the 1950’s to the 1970, the kitchen was planned as a more of the heartbeat of the home, with stylized kitchen cabinets to match. Starting in the 1980s, most kitchens would become open to the living space. Now, over 80% of the time we spend at home is usually spent in and around the living space, making the kitchen the room where all the action is! Therefore, we can say what happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen, especially what’s inside those kitchen cabinets San Diego!

Today, we say goodbye to the kitchens of the past, that were only used to prepare food, and hello to the modern-day kitchen, with kitchen cabinets ready to receive all the joy that family gatherings bring. Here is an example of a design of kitchen cabinets in San Diego that is using an island or peninsula with some seating.

This allows for connection, including entertaining, hanging out, watching TV, working on a laptop, preparing homework, and more. Typically, when entertaining, whether it’s a couple or a large party, that central island would serve as the main serving area and people would gather around it. Heartbeat of the house…. Commence. As our lifestyle continues to change and take on new forms we welcome these warm and stylish kitchen designs.

Are you ready to step into the future of your kitchen, with some modern kitchen cabinets? Join us!

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